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a gift
 to see
Her ability...
has helped
me make
my own

California client

"Thank you
for such a
and warm
Isn't it
how we can
at times
lose sight
of that
which is
thank you,
thank you
for the gift
of this
New Mexico reader

I heard
a lot
of good
Sales professional/
Workshop attendee

Testimonials on Psychic Readings
"Amanya has been helping me a lot with struggles through life.  Her insights and advice have a lot to do with my current situation which I can describe as self-satisfying, healthy, and happier than ever before." 
Intensive care nurse

"Thank you so much for all the ways you've touched our lives and made them better."
College students

"Amanya works on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-and her advice and methods provided me with what I needed.  She has a gift for knowing where you are, what you need and who you can be.  A total growth experience."

"She not only gives insight, she offers tools for me to better live day to day.  Amanya is a delight."
Direct sales professional

"Amanya's readings offer the business person an unparalleled level of credibility.  Spiritual consultations with Amanya are warm, professional, and will help guide one to be aware of the possibilities for the future.  She is sensitive, caring and ethical in offering guidance in all areas of one's life.  You will feel as if there is unity between your thoughts and the guidance offered from the light." 
Business owner

"Amanya has an extraordinary ability to zero in on issues that are hindering your success and help you move forward in your professional and personal life.  Amanya has the utmost integrity and respect for her clients' confidentiality."
Executive recruiter

"I was intrigued to learn of Amanya's spiritual counseling because of my respect for her character, ethics and business career.  Her insights have proven most valuable in both my personal and professional lives."
Sales manager

Testimonials on Writing

"Powerful and insightful!  Sensitive yet provoking." 
Arizona reader

"Thank you so much for your inspiring advice...it's very relevant to my life and what I'm going through.  I read what you write 3-4 times."
Israel reader

"You send a strong and useful message...simple, direct and very clear.  I'm sure it will bring in more abundance as it stirs the soul and reminds that we are here for something.  You help people get back in touch with that 'something'.  Thank you for all you give." 
Oregon reader

"Your style is so personalized that it feels like you are writing it just for me." Florida reader

"Thank you so much-it really touched my heart and I have read and re-read it many times.  I shall pull it out and read when I want to read something positive."
Arizona reader

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Oregon reader

"It was thanks to you that I bought small cards to give to some people I work with simply expressing appreciation for the good that they bring."
California reader

"Very insightful and true!"
Arizona reader

"As always, you manage to inspire and move me."
Israel reader

"WOW!  Amazing!"
California reader

"Wonderful-you remind me of this beautiful way of thinking of abundance."
North Carolina reader

"I so thoroughly enjoy reading your words of wisdom."
Illinois reader

Testimonials on Speaking

"I loved your presentation!"
Internet marketing expert/Audience member

"You were fabulous...you have so much style and pizazz." 
Sales professional/Audience member

"Invite Amanya back-very useful professionally and personally."
Nurse Practitioner/Workshop attendee

"I can't tell you when I've enjoyed a presentation more!"
Business owner/Workshop attendee

"You are a powerful speaker.   I was totally motivated."
Attorney/Audience member

"Our attendees had a very positive educational experience."
Health care administrator/Workshop planner

"You are such a good speaker and you have something full to say.  The whole group enjoyed you so much." 
Business professional/Workshop attendee

"Your presentation was so well run!  Fascinating!"
Business owner/Workshop attendee

"Your passion is clear!!  Thank you for sharing so openly."
Consultant/Audience member

"I thought your presentation was so meaningful.  I went straight back to my company, called a meeting of my staff, and reviewed the points you covered.  They all liked it, too, and think it will help us with our clients."
Franchise owner/Workshop attendee

"Very inspirational!  Clear flow, engaging and organized!"
Sales professional/Audience member

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