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Workshop attendee

(from the Internet Radio show, www.AchieveRadio.com, Universal Affluence with Vega Rozenberg, 2007-2008, archives available for listening)

"You always sound so positive and enthusiastic.  I feel good when I listen to you."
Arizona listener
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Amanya's Videos

You can find motivational and informative videos on Amanya's channelat YouTube.com.

Video by Amanya

Short, Fun, and  Inspirational!
I'm enthusiastic about my original topics which I've designed to expand your awareness and stimulate positive, new ideas.  My presentations are motivational and involving!  At my workshops, you can expect to have fun, participate a lot if you want to, and walk-away with practical concepts.

Inspirational benefits to you
Help with understanding yourself and others
Increase your efficiency
Clarify your thinking
Sharpen your communication
Heighten trust in you by others
See how harmony brings you joy and good life

Results-oriented for your work and home
Promote your personal growth and tranquility
Enrich your business/work environment using success factors
Enhance your relationships to feel good
Receive refreshing keys to abundance

Transformative for your life
View your life with fresh insight
Hear how simple things affect your pursuit of happiness
Feel your  spiritual growth
Focus on the spiritual (not related to religious affiliation)
Perceive how to balance between the spiritual and the "real-world"
Observe the link between your spiritual world and your prosperity

Enjoy heartfelt presentations filled with story-telling!
Harmony is intuitive wisdom.