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What happens in a reading?
I do readings using clairvoyance (second sight), my psychic ability.  Clairvoyance is defined in Webster's dictionary as "the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions  removed in space or time from natural viewing; quick, intuitive knowledge of things and people."  I consider clairvoyance to be a spiritual gift.

When you ask questions and I follow a straightforward process in responding.  The information I receive about your questions comes in the form of "pictures" and "communications" from above.  On your behalf, I look and listen carefully, and share with you what comes to me.  I perceive where you are now and where you can be.  My psychic readings are confidential.

I specialize in comprehensive psychic readings and insightful overviews about you.  I answer your specific questions about your pending decisions, your business and career issues that impact your success and prosperity, your family matters and relationships, your educational objectives, your happiness, and your spiritual development. 

What about predicting the future, using tools, working as a medium, or channeling? 
My psychic reading is a snapshot, a photo, of how your life is now and how it could be in the future (should you inquire about the future) if things continue along the same lines.  If you change your course now, the future will probably be altered.  The Creator has given you free will and you're in charge of your life. 

I work as an empathic intuitive without the use of aids.  I don't use any tools, such as astrology, tarot cards, numerology, etc.  I don't channel from angels, spirit guides, or gurus.  I also don't speak to the dead or work as a medium.  What I do for you is direct my attention where you ask for help and employ my skill  for your benefit.

What do clients say?

Get help for what matters to you and insight into your life

Focus for your future

Feel at ease with the warmth and sensitivity

Trust in the accuracy, candor and confidentiality

Understand how to apply what you're told

I use my clairvoyant skills for psychic readings only.  I do NOT provide psychological, counseling, legal, financial, religious, or medical advice.   I am not a trained medical intuitive, or a life coach. My recommendation is that you contact the appropriate trained professional if you need guidance in these areas.  My psychic readings are not intended to be used in place of assistance from trained professionals. 

My psychic readings are for your educational benefit only.  The information I provide is for you to use or not as you see fit.  The choice to use this information is 100% yours and you're solely responsible for any outcome.

I decline to use my skills to act as a "private detective". 

My psychic readings are for adults 18 years of age and older.  I don't work with children-anyone under the age of 18.

Prices and Scheduling

Psychic readings are $2.50 per minute; any length time up to 1.5 hours

Psychic readings are conducted by phone; f
or your convenience if you're local and for your accessibility if you're long distance.

Appointments are Monday through Friday. Cancellations are expected 24 hours in advance. $25 is charged for appointments not canceled in advance.
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