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Getting in HARMONY

In the following Self-checks from Getting in HARMONY there is no bad or good score, no pass or fail.  They are designed for you to learn about yourself.  Score your Self-check using the first letter of the rating.  For example, use V when you mean Very often. 


Rate yourself:  Very often               Sometimes               Rarely               Never


You can learn as much about yourself from the pattern of your score as you can from the overall number of V, S, R and N ratings. 


Intuition: Self-check  (from pages 1 and 2, Getting in HARMONY)

 This exercise is designed to give you a snapshot of where you are at with intuition, right now. 

1. I have experiences with intuition.

2. Intuition keeps me from making mistakes.

3. I get hunches about people that prove to be correct.

4. I can tell the difference between intuitions and other thoughts or feelings.

5. Others tell me my instincts are good.

6. I have dreams that tell me something about my future.

7. I have thoughts that are warnings and sound like I hear them. 

8. I have thoughts that are like feelings which guide me toward or away from something.

9. I get premonitions about groups (such as companies, teams, etc.)

10. I can call on my intuition and use it at will.


The more V and S ratings you gave yourself, the greater your familiarity with and confidence in your own intuition.  The more R and N ratings you gave yourself, the rustier you are in using your intuition and the less confidence you have in it.  If you are like most people, you have a mixture of ratings.  These give you a picture of your intuition.


Listening: Self Check (from page 54, Getting in HARMONY)

 The information you obtain from this exercise is to help you take a quick look at your listening skills. 


1. I recall a name after being introduced.

2. While I listen, my feelings are involvement and interest.

3. My mind stays focused when someone else talks to me.

4. I remember what I am told.

5. I get information from tone of voice as well as from words.

6. People tell me I am a good listener.

7. I pay attention to what my face and body communicate to the individual speaking to me.

8. I let people know I have heard and understood them.

9. I ask questions to show interest and further my comprehension.

10. I do not know what I am going to say until I am done listening.


The more V and S ratings you have, the greater your sensitivity to the listening side of communication.  The more R and N ratings you gave yourself, the greater your struggle to listen when necessary.  If you are like most people, you listen well sometimes and not others. 


Integrity: Self Check (from page 112, Getting in HARMONY)

 The intention of this exercise is to guide you in taking a quick look at integrity in your life. 


1. People tell me they trust me.

2. I am comfortable with my actions, as they relate to integrity.

3. I rely on my own sense of ethics.

4. Others have failed when trying to get me to go against what I think is right.

5. I listen to my conscience.

6. I challenge regulations/policies/laws that direct me to do things that go against my principles.

7. People hold me in high esteem.

8. To be consistent with my values, I have made choices that were not favorable to me at the time.

9. I am flexible in assessing each circumstance; yet steadfast in adhering to my standards.

10. I respect myself.


The more V and S ratings you have, the more comfortable you are with matters of integrity in your life.  The more R and N ratings you have; the greater the possibility that matters of integrity cause stress and apprehension for you.  Most people find that the self-check reveals a mixture of scores.

(Disclaimer: Self-checks are copyrighted, 2009 Amanya M. Jacobs, and they may not be copied or distributed in any form without the written permission of Amanya Jacobs.  Self-checks are for your educational and entertainment use only.  Any information about yourself you gain from the Self-check is for you to use or not at your sole discretion.  Amanya Jacobs assumes no responsibility or liability for your actions.)