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"I could not stop reading.  This is so
educational and fun."

Oregon reader

" Very powerful and
I really like it. Your book is a masterpiece. 
It makes me stop
and think."

Arizona reader

"I'm so impressed! 
The book is wonderful-
so well done!"
Arizona reader

Getting in HARMONY

  • Inspirational self-checks and quick exercises to personalize the information for you
  • Insightful story-telling with true-to-life examples that relate to your life
  • Positive steps to help you with the complexities that arise in your world

Getting in HARMONY by Amanya Jacobs is available on Amazon.com, where you'll find a convenient "Look-Inside" feature.

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Getting in Harmony: Synchronize Your Success and Spirit with Intuition, Listening and Integrity (Volume 1) to go to Amazon.com.
Foreword by Vega Rozenberg, P.Hom., R.S.Hom.,(NA), C.C.H., E.C.C.H.(Israel), Diploma-Homeopath, Ph.D.(Hom-spiritual); world-renowned teacher of homeopathy as a spiritual approach and master instructor of success strategies and spiritual growth.

Something fun for you!

There are three Self-checks in Getting in HARMONY, designed to help you look at yourself in the areas of intuition, listening and integrity.  They are quick and easy.

Click here  Self-checks  to go to the Self-checks page. 


Title:             Getting in HARMONY
Subtitle:        Synchronize Your Success and Spirit
                     with Intuition, Listening and Integrity

Getting in HARMONY gives you three powerful ways to increase your achievements and prosperity while at the same time drawing tranquility to yourself.  In it you'll find techniques to amplify your abundance and your happiness in relationships, and to heighten the admiration of others as well as your own self-esteem.

Step-by-step, it shows you how to call on your intuition, focus your listening, and fortify your integrity to attain harmony with the universe, with others and with yourself.  Getting in HARMONY illuminates the profound meaning and satisfaction you derive from balancing your spiritual world with the "real world".

Success starts within your spirit-
when you're in harmony with it.