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Arizona client

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Business owner/
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Illinois reader

Psychic Readings
  • Confidential and accurate
  • By phone locally and globally
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Success & Spiritual
  • Inspirational Book
   Getting in HARMONY
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  • Motivational Blog
   Harmony Goodness
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  • Transformational Talks
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YOU are a candidate for my services if you seek...

clairvoyant psychic
  • A meaningful look at you and your life
  • Help with decisions you're trying to make
  • Relevant answers to your questions re: your career, business, education, family and relationships

An engaging author
  • Applicable techniques to boost your success and your inner peace
  • Ways to harmonize the spiritual and the "real world" in your life

A captivating speaker
  • Dynamic presentations to both inspire and instruct
  • Motivational material grounded in usable concepts
Amanya Jacobs, MA
What makes me unique
  • Years of success in health care, highly competitive sales and sales management, AND psychic readings for clients around the globe
  • Clairvoyance and empathic intuition combined with business, speaking, writing, and counseling abilities

What it means to YOU
Because I've excelled in the "real world", and am knowledgeable about the spiritual world:
  • I understand your concerns quickly with empathy
  • I address your concerns meaningfully with both input from "above" and practical application.
Your 3 Impact Keys
Balancing and integrating the spiritual with the reality in your daily life:
  • brings prosperity to you more smoothly,
  • increases satisfaction from your relationships
  • creates calm inside you
What it's like to work with me
My psychic readings, inspirational writing, and group presentations are designed to help you:
  • Develop new insights  to increase your success at work and at home
  • Incorporate the highest good into common actions so that you synchronize with your soul's intent for goodness for all concerned

I approach every opportunity to help you with gratitude, enthusiasm and clear focus.  
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Harmony increases
your success, tranquility, and happiness!